My Story..Never Look Back In the Rear View Mirror

My Story

I was born in 1948 in Corner Brook. A small town in Newfoundland that was part of the United Kingdom. Newfoundland became part of Canada in 1949. Now known as Newfoundland and Labrador. Corner Brook became a City with a population of 25 to 30000. In the late 50' s or 60' s Corner Brook,  became a Major Pulp and Paper Town.

I grew up in a little two-bedroom house 32 x 36 ft. Dad worked as a mechanic and mom was a stay at home mom In the beginning we were a poor family. There was no such thing as Television until I was 10 years old. We made our own entertainment such as playing a game of marbles, a game of road cricket, road hockey, softball. or just batting the ball ( Batting Flies We called it ) Hide and Seek and Cowboys and Indians.

Our Family used to play checkers, snakes and ladders, other board games and cuddle by the oil stove, and listen to the Radio. Hop Along Cassidy, Lone Ranger, and Tonto.

As a teenager, I learned how to become an avid hunter. Moose Hunting, Grouse, Partridge, and Rabbit. I had my first shotgun ( which I still own today some seventy years later) when I was 12 yrs old and spent a lot of time in the wilderness. Hunting and fishing In my teens, I started attending teenage dances and found I had a passion for dancing. I was wild and never backed down from a good scrape when needed. In

1967 I was employed with Lundrigan's, a large construction company that eventually owned a large share of Comstock international

At 19, (1969) I met my wife Colleen. It must have been love as we have been together for 52 yrs and raised 3 sons.

 In 1972 I got involved in sports. In 1972. I won an All Newfoundland Bowling tournament and bowled in the Nationals in Calgary along with 4 other team members from Corner Brook. I became a very avid softball player. Won a few tournaments, most valuable player awards, and high batting averages of 500.. Plus I was an active member of a karate Kickboxing club.

One of my major achievements was a Brown Belt in KickBoxing.

I also got in the Community as a coach in minor hockey, President of the Junior Chamber of Commerce, Secretary of the St John Ambulance. Secretary of the Lion’s Club and Search and Rescue Chairman of the Santa Claus Parade and elected to the Liberal Association.

It all fell apart in 1981 when I had a terrible car accident, I broke my 2 legs I got crushed between two cars. My legs were badly crushed.

They said I would never walk again. The Doctors were going to remove my left leg. My wife Colleen, Refused to give them permission to take my leg. 6 months later

I was back to work. That did last long in Feb 1982 I was laid off. I lost my job.

We were devastated. In 1983 I started my own construction company. Windows Doors Siding roof and Government Contacts From 1983 until 1986 we had 35 employees.

In 1986/97 the bottom dropped out of the economy Government cutbacks on spending forced a lot of operators like us out of business. Prices per square for roofing, vinyl siding, and construction work dropped. I keep my company but stopped bidding AND STOOD ON THE SIDELINE

In 1987 We moved to Happy Valley Goose Bay Labrador and never look back in the Rear View Mirror

Colleen secured a job as a Nursing Assistant. I worked as a Floor Manager at a Hardware Store I invested in Real Estate. Purchased property with 3 apartments Eventually I went into the life insurance and investment business.

Became a top Sales Agent for one of the Insurance Companies and still receiving renewals 25 yrs later.

At that time around 1995, I became involved in a couple of online marketing communities, one of which I am a lifetime member.

Yes, like a lot of other marketers I struggled with Online Marketing. Yes. I made mistakes ( It is a learning curve) but I stuck with it and learned how to use the tools needed to be successful with online marketing.

I am in the business with team of marketing experts who  share information to help the beginner, the struggling marketer, or the more advanced marketer.

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